Link to Securitas to manage GATE entry

Please call the office or the gate with questions.

Gate:  727.527.3329 or Office:  727.526.9141


Having trouble viewing full webpage on your iPhone.
1) Sometimes it is necessary to view data in “Standard” mode and not Zoom.  Go to Settings, Display & Brightness, View.  2) It may also be necessary to view websites in “Desktop View”.  Press and hold the refresh icon in the top right corner of the iPhone .  A popup option will appear providing the option to request a desktop site.  Newer phones may have a menu option after pressing the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of screen.

To change the view on some Android phones:  A) Click the three dots to view two options which may help:  choose “Desktop Site” and/or “Open In Chrome”.  B) Another option is to go to Settings, Display, and choose a smaller font (may under Advanced Options depending upon phone).  Your may always change these options by repeating the steps listed above.

As always, rotating all phones to landscape view may work as well or google for help.