A copy was mailed to residents on 10/1/19.

See Governing Documents for all past rules – no longer in effect!

Other links to rules that govern AMERICANA COVE
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City of Saint Petersburg Codes:  www.st.pete.org/code_enforcement/statutes_codes_and_policies.php

Florida Laws:   or  http://laws.flrules.org

Employment & Related Services For Persons With Disabilities Florida:  search in www.leg.state.fls.us  413.08.

Pinellas County Laws:  www.pinellascounty.org (Government tab:  Municode)

Service Animals in Pinellas County:  www.pinellascounty.org search for Service Animals

United States Laws:  www.USA.gov/laws-and-regulations

Service Animals (ADA Title II & III):  https://www.ada.gov (search box:  Service Animals)

Assist Animal Resources:  Search:  HUD Fair Housing Act-reasonable accommodations, Section 504 of ADA, Americanbar.org, and FloridaCondoHOAlawblog.com