The board will be voting on rules listed in the above link at their April Meeting.  Changes are listed in red.  It is suggested if you have any comments about these proposed rules, especially if you will not be at the next board meeting, you should contact the office or one of the Board members prior to the April meeting.  Passing of Rules and Regulations is covered under Article XV of the Bylaws of our Corporation.
Thank you to residents who worked on revising and editing this document!

“RULES & REGULATIONS” – March 16, 2016 (Current Rules)

TEMPORARY/PROPOSED CHANGES TO MARCH 2016 RULES in regard to ARCHITECTURE/LANDSCAPING [status of these temporary changes is unknown] – proposed by the ARCH Committee.  

2009 Rules and RegulationsThese rules (2009) have been replaced by the 2016 rules listed above.

Other links to governing rules  (copy and paste links into browser)

City of Saint Petersburg Codes:

Florida Laws:   or

Employment & Related Services For Persons With Disabilities Florida:  search in  413.08.

Pinellas County Laws: (Government tab:  Municode)

Service Animals in Pinellas County: search for Service Animals

United States Laws:

Service Animals (ADA Title II & III): (search box:  Service Animals)

Assist Animal Resources:  Search:  HUD Fair Housing Act-reasonable accommodations, Section 504 of ADA,, and