Old Timers Club

This group is the largest club consisting of all residents.  Explore all activities on the sidebar menu.

Americana Cove Association

The parent organization of all activities in the Community.

City of St. Petersburg

Find activity, events and entertainment in our vibrant City just minutes from our gate.

The parent organization for all clubs and social activities is a well organized corporation entitled, “AMERICANA COVE ASSOCIATION”.    The ACA’s responsibility is to promote and provide recreational and social activities for resident to enjoy.   Every resident of our community is a member of this association. 

A board of four members are elected to be “ACA’s Executive Board”.  These individuals organize and oversee all activities of the association.  Most clubs and activity groups start and direct their own functions and are structured by ACA’s Constitution.  The Executive Board and a small group of representatives from each club or activity, make up the “ACA Council”.  This group coordinates all recreational events. 

Current ACA Board of Directors:  President Ron Miller, Vice President  TBA, Secretary TBA  and Treasurer Frank Holbrook.

ACA holds a free luncheon at noon on the first Wednesday of every month (November – May).  The luncheons are provided in the clubhouse by ACA and other volunteers.  No reservation necessary.  All residents are invited to participate.  Just come to the clubhouse at noon, everything provided, no assigned seats!   Meals are paid from profits of two community White Elephant/Trinkets & Treasurers Sales.  One day prior to the luncheon at 10 a.m., in the clubhouse, ACA Council holds their monthly business meeting. 

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