Come and join the Americana Cove Boat Club as it continues to organize and enjoy many summer and winter activities such as Tiki Hut cookouts, kayaking, fishing events and organizing a few volunteer efforts.  This is the largest club/group in the community.   Their annual Island Bash is schedule for March 9, 2019.  Residents should look in the Cove’s newsletter (Forecaster) for meeting dates, times and ticket info on all Boat Club events.  Their most popular outings are full moon kayak outings, boat events to the sandbar and Tiki Hut gatherings where members just enjoy food, drink of choice, and good music.  It is all about having fun, meeting and enjoying their neighbors.
No need to own a boat to joint this club-all residents are welcome to join.  membership is $10 a person.  Call the Captain or Crew if you have further questions about this group.

Other items of interest:  Laminated waterway maps $5.00; hats $15.00; and boat flags $15.00.


PRESIDENT:  Ted Meljac (727.366.9453)
VICE PRESIDENT:  Phil Quince (727.592.1362)
TREASURER:  Linda Quince (727.592.1362)
SECRETARY:  Jill Moe (603.898.4614)

 Moonlight Kayak Chair:  Pat Ley (727.527.3561)