Good Times – Great Friends – Amazing Memories

“First Season Luncheons Begin at Noon”
November through April
Our purpose is to provide a place for residents to meet and greet one another before and after enjoying a delicious lunch.  Because we think it is important, we ask clubs and activity representatives to update residents on upcoming community events.  Lunch is prepared in our kitchen by volunteers, and occasionally we purchased lunch at local eateries.

Open to all residents and guests, The Old Timers Club host luncheons on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s at Noon, November through April.  There is a nominal membership fee of $5 for residents and a $1.00 guest fee.  No reservations, no assigned seats necessary  – just show up at the clubhouse between 11:30 and 12 p.m.  Desserts are sold prior to lunch if you have a sweet tooth.  Listen to VOLO, Listbot or view the community sign for updates/changes.

Bingo After Lunch & Meeting – Approximately 1 p.m.


1) Managing the Community Tin Can Recycling
2) Sale of Cakes & 50/50 Drawing at Lunch
3) Valentine’s Day Dinner-Dance Hosted in February
4) Support from ACA
5) Lunch Expenses & Donations to Other Activities
6) Purchase of Items for the Community


President:  Kathy Laramee
Vice President:  Carol Fischetti
Secretary:  Janet Larson
Treasurer:  Gail Jones
Membership:  Maureen Saint Guillen
(membership is open to all residents)