Rental Information:  877.360.7577

MAROA – doing business as Americana Cove, does NOT advertise or manage rental properties.  Home owners are allowed to Rent in  their homes in Americana Cove.  Homeowners advertise by word of mouth or by posting information on our community bulletin board.  Shareholders may advertise rentals on popular “vacation rental” or “for sale” websites as well.


This Brokerage Agent offers a rental service for Americana Cove.  If shareholders use this service, a list of rentals will be available from Barefoot Realty.
Toll Free: 877.360.7577 or e-mail Charity: [email protected]
If interested in viewing or purchasing a home in Americana Cove make an appointment with Americana Cove Sales Team prior to your visit.  Assistance is available daily and offices are located inside our gated community.  Toll Free 855.235.5790 or Local 727.528.8809
Residents at Americana Cove are permitted to rent their homes however, the community rules specify the following:
  • When renting a home, the owner must inform the management of their intent to rent and the rentee must have a background check and be approved before moving into the Americana Cove.
  • Renting is allowed for a minimum of two months.
  • Some homeowners may believe it is difficult to rent their home therefore; Barefoot Realty will collect and remit the required taxes.
    • Owners are required to pay Florida sales tax and a Tourist Development Tax if the rental is SIX MONTHS OR LESS (per county tax collector’s office).
    • The Tourist Development Tax (TDT) is collected by each county in Florida.  In Pinellas County, 6% is collected for the Tourist Development Tax along with a 7% Florida sales tax.  This combined 13% tax should be paid by the rentee to the owner.
    • It is the owner’s responsibility to remit these taxes to the state.
    • Caution, there are penalties involved for non-payment of these taxes.
  • Barefoot Realty has no specific procedure for matching a renter to a homeowner.  When a homeowner chooses Barefoot Realty to assist them with their rental, they will be assured the community, county and state rules will be followed.
  • Owners may contact Barefoot Realty to learn of management fees charged by the realtor.  Local 727.360.7577, Toll Free 877.360.7577 or email Charity: [email protected]
Thank You For Choosing Barefoot Realty