If you are interested in living at Americana Cove and wish to purchase a home, you can do that in one of several ways:

1. You may purchase a share in the coop and select an empty homesite on which to place a new manufactured home of your choice. There are
several companies which offer beautiful, new homes.  The buyer would meet with the Realtor or Dealer to choose the home site in Americana  Cove.    Choose a dealer: 
Barefoot Realty (exclusive for Palm Harbor and sells other models as well)    Bay Manufactured Homes    Citrus-Meadowood    Plant City Housing LLC

2. You may purchase an existing (pre-owned) home with a share attached.  (Shares are approximately $40,000).

3. You may purchase an existing (pre-owned) home without a share and then rent the homesite or purchase a share.

Estoppel Certificates – Estoppel Certificate should be requested by writing to the Americana Cove Business Office at 7201 1st Street NE, St. Petersburg, FL  33702 or by email to maroa@americanacove.com .

As a shareholder, do I own real property?
Yes, when you own a share in Americana Cove you have ownership in the corporation that owns the entire community. The state of Florida also views you as having ownership of the property on which your home is placed.  The property in which your home sits is called a “homesite” which is subject to the corporations bylaws, state and local regulations.   

As a shareholder, what fees do I have to pay?
Once you purchase a share and a home you will pay a monthly maintenance fee, which currently is $250. This fee pays for water/sewer, lawn mowing-edging, trash removal, 24-hour gate attendants and use of all coop amenities. In addition, you will pay real estate taxes on your home and boat dock if you own one.  For those choosing to become full-time Florida residents, a $50,000 Homestead Exemption is available.  

Is financing available for my share and home?
Financing of your new Americana Cove share is available through the coop at a low interest rate. Our local sales office, Barefoot Reality, can provide information regarding the availability of home financing.